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News & Updates

  • “A Fools Holiday” Drops March 20th 2021!!!
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  • TempoMental Is Now On TikTok!!!
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  • “Nothing Left To Say” Now Available!!!
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  • “That’s Life” Available Now On All Platforms!
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  • “The Edge” featuring Ngajuana Is Out Now!!
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  • Brand New Music Video “That’s Life” Out Now!!!!
  • “Everyday Struggle” Available Everywhere Now!!!
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  • “No Looking Back” featuring Exit Only is Out Now Everywhere!!!
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  • New Blog Posted!!!
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  • First Show Back Since Covid19!!! “Summer Heat Wave” Aug 23rd 2020
  • “Shun Me” Out Now!! All Platforms!!!
  • “Don’t Grow Old” Available On Spotify Now!!!
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  • New Blog Posted!!!
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  • Brand New Music Video “Stay Inside” Out Now On The Dreamsters Union YouTube Channel!!
  • New Blog Posted Addressing “The Situation”
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  • New Single “4 The Love” Out Now!!!
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  • “Blunts & Poetry” Out Now!!
  • “Jacked Off YouTube – The Second Coming” currently in conception!!!
  • “No Happy Endings” Video Out Now!!