The Situation ( Covid19 Update)

Well, as Im sure most of you have noticed by now this year will not be my year. It won’t be your year and probably won’t be anyone else’s either. It’s incredibly tough to be an artist on the rise in these times and even tougher for those that rely on music and gigs to pay bills. Venue owners are wondering if they will even be able to afford to come back after this…..

But in the heart of it I see DJs, rappers and beatmakers entertaining from home, people being creative and innovative, some clashes of minds but for the “moist” part.. Uh sorry… most part people are coming together while still being apart. Coming back from Japan at the beginning of march was terrifying. The flight is long and it’s a tightly packed space. My wife and I faired ok, surpassed our isolation periods with no sickness or symptoms. Unfortunately shortly after the world went crazy and everything closed down. Now we are here…

Needless to say all shows for the unforeseeable future are cancelled and tho that does suck I’ve also been given a great and rare opportunity. The opportunity of time. Much needed time to finish projects, put some touch ups on work, bang some beats out and come up with some new ideas aswell.

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If you do follow me on my social media outlets I have been performing some live online sets recently aswell and I’ll continue to do more.

Click to check out a past online performance.

I’ve also been doing some little beat making videos for the Dreamsters Union YouTube page so be sure to Subscribe to the channel and check out the other dope videos aswell!!!

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In the meantime I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!! I’m layed off work and locked up at home but I’ll still be online trying to be positive. Hopefully we make it through this soon and with as little casualties as possible. I hope people are making safe decisions regardless of what they believe in for the safety of others. I’ll be inside doing what artists do and driving my wife crazy. Lol

Much love and respect!!!

Stay tuned for uncanny surprises spawned from my absolute boredom. Lol

Stay safe everybody!

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