HyperVigilance – The Delay

In 2018 I finished writing and recording my next big album release. I titled it “HyperVigilance”, it’s the final piece to the three part series I’ve been working to put out.

It all started with “Involution” which means to search in your soul to find answers and solutions to personal problems. It was the start, the beginning to a soul searching journey that would lead to the discovery of some pretty painful and agonizing realizations. See, to start the journey (Involution) you can bounce between some positives and negatives, but as you come face to face with the very things that feed your anger and depression, there isn’t an escape and you become… “Loaded With Pain”.

“Loaded With Pain” was a tough album to get through, with my grandmother having a massive stroke, the fallout of some friends and family, the struggles of my work life vs trying to be heard in the music industry and the biggest hitter… the passing of my father. “Loaded With Pain” is the definitive process of being emotionally in the thick of the storm.

The final cut to this soul searching journey is “HyperVigilance”. If you look up the term hypervigilance it can be described as the sensitivity or anxiety of a person’s emotional state coming from traumatizing situations. Basically this is the album describing the healing process, effects and clean up once the storm has passed. It’s possibly my best piece of work to date in my opinion. It contains 18 tracks and a couple bonuses. The artwork was done by the incredibly talented homie Patrick Younger. The entire album is produced by JSG and it’s currently in the hands of Fresh Kils for mixing and mastering. Actually it’s been in the mixing and mastering process for over a year now. I was hoping to have it released last year but with some big life changes and conflicting schedules between Kils and I, it’s taking a bit longer than expected. However I believe in this project so much I don’t want to rush the process. I want to give it the appropriate time to be completed properly and with as much quality as possible. Thus the wait continues. With any luck and a lot of hard work, hopefully it will be completed and ready for this fall.

In the meantime I’ll be dropping some other side projects I have in the vault very soon for your listening pleasure… And ofcoarse they will be free to download. I’ll also be dropping some singles and a few other things I’ve been working on.

Much love and respect to all the fans and supporters that stay with me, I appreciate all of you!!!


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