Coming Soon To A Streaming Site Near You!!

As most of you know, my discography for the past 10 years has been fairly exclusive to Bandcamp. As a matter of fact, the only album available on all digital streaming services was “Loaded With Pain”. That’s all about to change in the next couple weeks.

I’m happy to announce that “Involution”, “High Hopes & Empty Pockets”, “Ancient Rapology Mixtape” and “Mellow Tones” will all be available soon everywhere!!! For obvious reasons the “Jacked Off YouTube” projects will still be exclusive to Bandcamp and for free to download, but moving forward small projects, Lp’s and Ep’s will now be available on all digital music streaming services. Times change and distribution methods change with them, however if your still a traditional dude like me, I’ll still have physical copies of all major album releases. Feel free to hit me up personally or catch me live at events to snag yourself a physical copy!!

For all you digital music lovers… This ones for you!!

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