Thank You For An Amazing Year!!!

As 2020 approaches, I would like to take a moment and reflect on 2019 and thank everyone for the support. 2019 started slow, I was winding down from the “Mellow Tones” Ep release and trying to focus on getting the next album finished. “Hyper Vigilance”, my next big pressed project needed a few tweeks and is still in the hands of the great Fresh Kils for mixing and mastering. In the meantime, I managed to write and record more than half of the next “Jacked Off YouTube” project, complete and submit the joint “So Alone” for the “519ers” Mixtape, finish my writing for “SickSongs 4” and pump out a fresh 10 track digital album “Blunts & Poetry” just in time for my birthday.
I also released the “No Happy Endings” music video as a preview of what’s on “Hyper Vigilance” and to honor my father, as it was the last song I wrote and recorded before he passed.
Stage wise, I took a bit of a hiatus the first 4 months of the year. I had some life things to focus on, music to finish and I didn’t want to over-saturate my presence in the scene. I returned in May and hit stages all over Ontario, performing in Windsor, London, Guelph and Toronto. I also was blessed with some incredible opportunities this year, opening for acts like Maestro, ¡MayDay!, Redman, Method Man and Ice Cube! Shouts out to Ngajuana for playing a big hand in those aswell!! Threw my own show with Fresh Kils and Rel McCoy for my birthday!! Also got to hang with the homies Wrekonize and Myka 9, which for a guy like me, is pretty awesome. Won a freestyle competition this year, something I’ve never attempted. Another shout out to Danny Gable for keeping me a part of the scene.
Last but not least I got the opportunity to travel to Italy this year with my wife. Not a music adventure this time but it wasn’t intended to be. I had a blast seeing Rome, Venice, Naples and Capri!! Something I’ll never forget!!!
Driving away from 2019 and hitting a deer on the way out… I had some ups and downs but all and all it was a bucket list year. Heading into 2020 with a fixed ride, my head high and a mission to finish and release these remaining projects… I’ll see you all in the New Year!!
Happy and safe holidays!!
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