Going Out With A Bang!!

Well, it’s been one hell of a year eh? Lol Between the whole covid thing, losing so many great artists and a baby due in November, I’ll be wrapping my performance year up a little early to dive into my new role of Daddy for a bit. I have a son coming very soon and Im excited. 😁

With that being said I’ll be leaving the stage in 2020 with a Bang!!! With the help of my homie Danny Gable, we have set up a fantastic “covid safe” event and invited some of my most talented friends to come out and rock with us!! This is a tabled event, seats are limited and masks are mandatory. It’s also an early show due to covid curfew restrictions so please show up early!!

Don’t worry tho, I’m not leaving everything all together!! I’ll be back hitting stages again in 2021!!

I also will still be releasing the #jointofthemonth every month for the next year on Spotify!! So if you haven’t already be sure to follow me in the link below!!!

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